she’s a whisky in a cup of tea.

she’s a diamond that wants to stay coal.


Because Mom taught, ‘Think Positive’

While i was a kid, my mom always said, “achaa socho toh acha hota hai, bura sochoge to bura hi hoga..” ( Think positive and positive things will happen, if you think of negativity, negative thungs happen)
I used to follow it as a kid but as i grew, i followed this advise way too less..

However, somehow recently as few incidents have been happening with me and around me that reminded me of Maa’s teachings.

If you happen to bring negative thoughts about something, it will end up being a flop show. You ask me why? Well because, all that is occupied in the brain is ‘oh shit! This might not work what if this fails. I don’t think ​there are high chances of success here.’ The brain is not focusing on the good and positive aspects of the same situation which inturn make us unable to find solutions in case of problem or obstacles. Well because somewhere in the back of the head, the possibility of failure was feeded well before the problem or obstacle came in the way.
I have finally realised it as important to be a optimist as well as a realist. But not a pessimist for sure.
There is enough negativity around us in the world. Let’s try and not have it inside us atleast.

How often does it happen that a draft gets published?
How often does it happen that backspace is not used after an complete paragraph?
How often do we speak our hearts out?